Fauna in The Grampians

The Park is particularly important for its abundance of bird species. The low open shrubby woodlands in the park support many nectar-feeding birds, and the tall open forests are important for hollow-dependent species such as the Powerful Owl.


Large populations of EmusEmus and Kangaroos

Large populations of Emus are found throughout the lowland areas. Over 40 species of mammal have been recorded in the park. They include kangaroos, possums, gliders, echidnas, birds, macropods and reptiles, amphibians and koalas. The park supports populations of Red-necked Wallabies and Grey Kangaroos, a colony of Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies, and a growing population of Black Wallabies.



The reptile fauna of 28 species is particularly rich because of the diversity of habitats formed by the forested mountain range that extends from the cool south to the warmer , drier northwest.